Opal comes in many forms and from many places. It can be white with very little color (what most people know), clear crystal and a flash of color (mall jewelry), orange Mexican fire opal or the rare black opal. It can be a dull blue opal, a green-blue opal or a fiery multicolor stone that dances like no other gemstone. It can be from Hungry, Peru, Mexico, Nevada, Australia, Brazil, Honduras, or even now "chocolate" from Ethiopia. All of these varieties can run from dull (no color) to some specs of color, to flakes, to flashes and to just solid single colors. It can appear to be a simple rock or the brightest, liveliest stone you have ever seen. All of these diverse factors make this discussion very complex and confusing for most people. We will attempt to cover all aspects of opal, and give you the knowledge to select good opal from bad.

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